[150909] Kim Heechul Instagram Update

11994362_10203580935203856_648376522_n영 어 1도 모르는데 Uber? 탔음. 기사아저씨 짱 친절함😃😃 귀가 열린다. 영어가 들리고 있어!! 하지만 어색하다. “Do you know GANGNAM STYLE?” 물어볼 뻔.. 왜 사람들이 두유노 시리즈를 물어보는지 알겠다😐😐 #튼튼영어 #윤선생파닉스 #민병철 #문단열
[TRANS]Although I don’t know any English, I rode Uber?. The driver ahjussi was really friendly😃😃 I opened my ears. I’m hearing English!! But it’s awkward. I nearly asked “Do you know GANGNAM STYLE?”.. Now I know why people ask Do You Know series😐😐 #StrongEnglish #TeacherYoonPhonics

Source: Translated at sup3rjunior.com by: reneee



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