[150921] Tablo Dreaming Radio with Heechul transcript

Tablo: Our guest today is Mithra who is now planning to get married, and his former girlfriend Heechul

Heechul: Must not let Ryeowook know I’m on this radio.. It’s really no joke when he gets angry

Hee:What kind of woman suits me?
Mithra: A woman more aggressive than you and can quieten you. Hee: Who?
Tablo: Jessi?

Tablo: Heechul is srsly v handsome..Have this face but live like this. Hee: It’s precisely bc I have this face that’s why

Hee: I showed the rap that Jungmo and I are preparing for M&D 2jib, SM said the content seems a little too strong..
Tablo: Heechul asked for comments, I said it’s not bad, he said “I’m quite good in writing lyrics”.. I don’t know why he asked for our opinion..

mithra reqst for kyu’s AG
hc: kyu’s been mcing for awhile, sometimes he feels like an old man, similar feel to SDYCPbnft8UwAAQ_TV



Translated by: ryeongbb / heechulfacts / himyoungwoon / eunhaes_


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