[151012] Sukira KTR with Hee DJ Transcript


Heechul: I hope someday our fans will go get married so I can say “Ya! You’re now all married, so I will get married now too!”

Heechul said he’s worried about Donghae going to the military training camp. He’s not worried about Hyuk bec he thinks he will be fine.

Donghae is someone who grew up climbing up his hyungs, i don’t know what will he do if his hyungs will not bathe and feed him.

Hee: We heard Magic, a magic-like song. Why magic? It’s like ‘magic’ because we never did any promotions after releasing it.
Final survey on Sukira: Which hairstyle suits Heechul the best, long or short hair? 63% voted for short hair ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Heechul said he and Donghae were roommates before. Donghae doesnt hear the alarm so he wakes him up

Hee said he hates girls who put heavy eye makeup

HC: Is it okay to reveal our messages here? The ones where Jungmo is swearing at me?
JM: Heechul-ssi lets not do broadcast like this ㅋㅋㅋ

HC: Jungmo what do you think about my hair
JM: I think short hair’s the best, I’ve seen many hairstyles on you, I think short suits best

HC: What about Hyeyeon?
HY: I think long hair suits you best, I saw it with the waves as well, it really looks good on you

Jungmo: I think that Heechul looks good with a lot of hairstyles and long is good too but when he has short hair, he’s extremely manly

Results of comment poll -67% of commenters prefer short hair on Heechul
HC: I cant ignore the 23%, so for them I’ll keep my hair long!~

HC said he had lots of nickname when he was schooler, “Heechuri~Haechuri~Nagaji(?),etc

HC said he doesnt like woman who wears lots of make-up like Elsa kkk~


Credit: /emzhaek / MoonsLounge
Cap By: 希艺凌
Shared at:  Heechul Tunisia

Take out with Full and proper credits only


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