[151024] Kim Heechul Instagram Update

10568976_548894305257992_4077609061984047714_n好久没去中国了. 最近感觉很郁闷, 但我觉得这次的日程会让我很开心. 心情很激动, 其实我不上微博的原因是因为电话系统复位后不会弄微博. 不过, 我听说在中国也能看到 Instagram 对吗?! 我说的对不对?!😀😀😀😀 #SorrySorry #Weibo #김희철 #김정모 #중국가서부를노래 #열창중
[TRANS] It’s been a while since I last went to China. Lately, I’m feeling depressed, but I think this schedule can make me happy. I feel excited, actually the reason I’m not on Weibo is bec. after my phone reset it can’t access Weibo. But, I heard you can view Instagram in China right?! I said right?!😃😃😃 #SorrySorry #KimHeechul #KimJungmo #OffToChinaToSing #Singing

Source: kimheenim
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