[151030] Kim Heechul Instagram Update

12202460_10203775010895627_8748812_n어제 설현 코스프레 할라고 했는데 옷은 있는데 판넬을 못구해서 못함. “누나. 나 설현 할거니까 판넬 구해봐” 나랑 10년 일한 스타일리스트 누나가 정확히 이렇게 답함. “야 이 미친놈아 그걸 어디서 구하냐” #희시카 #희탱구 #설희 #레이디희희 #희인 #엘사철 #안나철
Yesterday I wanted to cosplay Seolhyun, although there are clothes, but because we can’t obtain a panel of her, I was not able to do it. “Noona, I want to cosplay Seolhyun, please try to find a panel for me” my stylist noona who worked with me for 10 years answered ” Ya you crazy kid! Where will I find that thing” #HeeSica #HeeTaengoo #Seolhyun #LadyHeeHee #HeeIn #ElsaChul #AnnaChul

Source: kimheenim
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