[151105] Kim Heechul Instagram Update


내새끼들아. 오빠 지금 서랍 열어봤는데 또 기절할뻔했다. 김뽀철이 붙어있는 과자들.. 오빠가 과자를 못먹기 때문에 스텝들에게 나눠주기 전에 허락 맡는거야. 알겠지? 안된다고 해도 이미 늦었음😀😀 ‪#‎김뽀철‬ ‪#‎Shanghai‬
[TRANS] My kids-ah. Oppa opened the drawer just now and almost fainted again. Snacks with Kim Pochulie stickers on it.. Because oppa can’t eat snacks, I’m asking for permission before I share them to the staffs. Okay? Even if it’s not okay, it’s already too late 😀😀 ‪#‎KimPoChul‬#Shanghai

Translated at sup3rjunior.com by: reneee


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