[160128] Kim Heechul Instagram Update


[TRANS] A clear and cool voice just like green grapes, our Ryeowook’s song has come out! RyeoRyeo Ryeowook Kim Ryeowook🎤🎤 When I’m home alone while eating takeout I often think of Ryeowook😢😢 Back then while I was drinking, on the side Donghae was cooking ramen and said “Really hyung, you will have no more liver” but I will say “It doesn’t matter anyway, I don’t have a girlfriend in my life😢😢“…. then I cried, Donghae cried and Ryeowook while cooking also cried…. Although I moved away, I still yearn for our times together.. the little.. the little prince.. Listen to it right away and find the little prince in Kim Ryeowook😃😃 ‪#‎Ryeowook‬‪#‎TheLittlePrince‬ ‪#‎ItTookMe30MinutesToWatchTheFullMVHere‬
In the card Wook is holding: Heenim is the best!

Source: kimheenim
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