[160303] Kim Heechul Instagram Update


고마워 내새끼들😀😀😀😀 오빤 옛날부터 선물도 잘 안받고 쌀 기부, 도시락 이런거 안해줘도 되는데.. 막상 도시락 오니까 꿀떡꿀떡 잘도 넘어가는구만!!😍😍😍😍 캬캭캬꺄카칵캭😊😊😊😊 사.. 사… 사자는 어흥😒😒😒😒 뭐, 딱히 사랑한다는 말을 하려던건 아냐.. ‪#‎아는형님‬
[TRANS] Thank you my kids😀😀😀😀 Since before oppa doesn’t receive gifts easily, such as rice donations, lunchbox these things you don’t have to do.. but since you really sent me lunchboxes, I will gobble it all up!!😍😍😍😍 kyakyakyakya (evil laugh)😊😊😊😊 Sa.. sa.. the lion’s(saja) roar😒😒😒😒 what, I’m not trying to say I love you(saranghanda).. ‪#‎AskUsAnything‬
T/n: the first word of Lion and I love you in hangul have the same sound

Source: kimheenim
Translated by:


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