[160328] Kim Heechul Instagram Update


와인인줄 알고 받았는데 틴트임👄👄 여자친구한테 선물 주라고 받았는데…. 언제, 누구에게 줘야하나요😢😢 내 입술에 바르고 다녀야징💄💄💄💄 내새끼들도 나처럼 예쁜 입술 만들어라💋💋 ‪#‎흑발‬ ‪#‎와인틴트‬ ‪#‎라비오뜨‬‪#‎LABIOTTE‬
[TRANS] I thought I received red wine but it’s lipgloss💋💋 I was told to give it to a girlfriend…. but to whom and when should I give it to😢😢Nevertheless I’ll use it on my lips💄💄💄💄 My kids who have pretty lips like me💋💋 ‪#‎blackhair‬ ‪#‎wineliptint‬ #라비오뜨 #labiotte

Source: kimheenim
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