[160506] Kim Heechul Instagram Update


강호미-사투리 쓰는 소녀. 다소 폭력적임
이상미-랩퍼. 인생의 단맛 쓴맛 다 봄
서장미-기럭지, 비율짱. 건물빨로 여기까지 옴
김영미-이미 솔로곡 ‘D.A.N.G’ 로 히트쳤음. 영어 잘함
이수미-작고 귀여운 씹덕 멤버. 조련의 여왕
김희미-비주얼 대표. 기복 심함. “아스팔트길만 걷게 해줄게”. 롤 티어 다이아
민쌈자-리드 보컬. 팀 내 막둥이. 희미랑 롤 친구

국민프로듀서님들의 선택은??
#아는형님 #김희미
[TRANS]Kang Ho Mi-dialect girl. Lee Sang Mi – rapper through stories both good and bad in life. Seo Jang Mi – Spring, sweets and bitters of life,height and percentage of a Japanies actress. the solo song ‘D.A.N.G’ famous then . good at English. Lee So Mi – the members of the small cute curly. The Queen of fan service. Kim Hee Mi – Queen of trainer. Visual representation. 기복 심함. “I will have to walk on the flat only”. Minssamja – lead vocals is the youngest in team. LOL tier diamond. Hee Mi LOL friend

These producers would choose ??
#AskUsAnything #KimHeeMi

Source: kimheenim
Translated by: sjstagramtrans


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