[Fan Acc] 160729 Heechul and Jungmo Fansign

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[Fan Accounts] 160727 Heechul ‘Space Big Star Show’ in Shanghai

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[150919] Super Junior Super Camp Fan accounts

Heechul: hope eunsihae will be fine, I’ve been through. Nothing to worry

Heechul : siwon looks so well with moustache I would like it if he had it longer. There is no other idol that looks good with it like him

Hee said he always liked Hae’s appearance but recently he’s looking more and more like Kim Jongkook so he chose him as worst

HC: Ok so mad dog..?
YS: Why am I a mad dog?!

Heech: And the last thing.. I! Love! Yo! Kim! Hee! Chul! Mil! Ky! Skin! Kim! Hee! Chul! I love you my bastards

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[130927] Super Junior Fanmeeting In Japan Fan accounts

Course game: Min vs Hyuk Won vs Kang Dong vs Hae Hee vs Kyu

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130927 日本ELF见面会 Team A: Sungmin, Siwon, Shindong, Ryeowook, Heechul Team B: Donghae, Eunhyuk, Kangin, Kyuhyun

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Chul sang OPERA for one teddy bear !!! Hahaha

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Then Hee kept touching Won’s beard so in the end Won rubbed his beard at Hee’s face omgggggg

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Time for siwon Speech and chul put his face very close to his cheek faking to kiss him, but after siwon ran on him and kissed his neck ! Chul turned red hahahahah

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Hahaha Heechul became Siwon’s victim today! Kept touching Heechul’s Adam’s apple and neck, then kissed his neck! [花花镜子kaeru]

130927 When they did the group bow, HC got up earlier than other. KI pushed him down, then HC slapped KI’s ass. [花花镜子kaeru]

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130927 ELF JP FM R1 SiChul moment♥︎ During SW’s MC, Heechul was snuggling SW’s whiskers and a beard. LOL SW said “I love to snuggle up to ELF!” HC said “But you can’t so I’m gonna snuggle up to YOU!” Then he did!!! After HC leaving SW, a pained look on his face LOL

130927 ELP JP FM R1Cute HC♥︎ Before recording a message for fan, HC said “I’m gonna sing my part in OPERA.” Then he sang! He blushed after finishing singing(≧∇≦)

130927 ELF JP FM R1 [Ending MC] HC said “This was my official stage comeback opportunity and deeply appreciate everyone of you! 감사합니다!!! And he made a very long and low bow to fans. Then shouted “I love you all! (in Japanese)!!!”

130927 ELF JP FM R1 KangChul moment♥︎ HC always bow and raise his head earlier than other members as usual. KI pushed HC’s head down by hand at the end greeting! Next bowing: HC bowed longer and kicked KI’s hip. Last bowing: KI raised his head up earlier than HC and HC pushed KI’s head down Lol

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[130926] Super Junior Fanmeeting In japan Fan accounts

ELF Japan FM – team A : hyuk, kyu, ming, shindong vs team B : chul, won, hae, kangin, wook. first game steal the balls & 2nd is taiko (playing drum?)
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3rd game is “Exercise” Sungmin vs Heechul, Shindong vs Donghae, Kyuhyun vs Kangin, Eunhyuk vs Siwon

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Obstacle Challenge: Heechul skipping !!!!

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HaeMin choose the Anpanman song to challenge. Now the PK change to HeeHae against HyukMin

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Game time- Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Shindong in Team A, while Heechul, Siwon, Donghae, Kangin, Ryeowook in Team B. The first game was throwing balls. The second game was Taiko Drum Master.

In the first round, Sungmin and Donghae chose the Anpanman song. Heechul & DOnghae vs Eunhyuk & Sungmin.

The second round is Neon Genesis Evangelion. Kyuhyun vs Heechul. At the later part of this song was Siwon vs Shindong. In the end, Team A won~
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we put up the fan project stuff for heenim and he’s kneeling down on the stage and crying omfg T____T

we screamed “okaeri heechul” and he put up his thumb and said “elf japan saikou” cries T____T
ELF Japan Fanmeet : Heechul also performing 둘이 (You & I)
during you and I they gathered at the middle of the stage, everyone kneeling while watching heenim sang alone
cries they sang you and I and marry you with heenim aaaaaaaa
#heroFM heenim came out and immediately pounce onto hae, hae hugged him, when they did their greetings, everyone held their hand out but heenim bow
no one wanted hae in their team so both leaders, hyuk and heenim did kaibaibo and who lost had to take hae in their group –
then heenim said “okay I’ll take my most favorite dongsaeng who always listens to me” to donghae and they hugged huhuhu
hyuk lost so he had to take hae but he refused lmao hyuk said wook’s not feeling well so he wanna give extra member to heenim’s group lol
heenim and hae hugged a lot T_T hae acted like a spoiled dongsaeng with heenim criessss
130726 ELF JP FM R1 Heechul looked very nervous when he appeared on stage. (And probably until the end of the event.) Kangin said “Heechul ssi rarely sweat on stage but he looked like so today.” Then he went back to get tissues from staff and ave it to Heechul♥︎
130926 ELF JP FM R1 Heechul played “Master of Drums”. He selected his fav animation “Evangelion’s main theme” After finishing a round he took his mic and shouted “ASUKA! ASUKA!” Lol
120926 ELF JP FM R1 – (Song) Hero (wo/ Heechul) – Heechul appered on stage (Call: 사랑해요 김히철! 우유핓깔 김히철!) – (MC) Self-introduction – (Game section) Arranging the sides, Ball game, Master of Drums, Obstacle race and Gifts lottery – Welcome back Kim Heechul surprise – (Song) Marry you and You and I (w/ Heechul solo and rap!!!!!)
130926 ELF JP FM R1 Heechul’s Self-introduction: “It’s been a long time. I am miracle Kim Heechul. (In Japanese)! Ah you @”&¥)5;)&Chtfhhrr (I don’t know what he said lol) ” and he danced saying “Gooood good♪” ♥︎
130926 ELF JP FM R1 Game section team: [A] EH (leader), SD, SM and KH / [B] HC (leader), KI, SW, DH and RW. Team B said they are visual surperior lol
Staffs are prepared cake for Heechul!
They brought out the cake from ELF-Japan to celebrate Heechul’s comeback. Then the members pretend they were really hungry when they saw the cake and began eating. Heechul ate the slice with the words ELF on it, and in the end, his teeth all became blue, and he didn’t dare to laugh and show his teeth xD
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[130822] Fan Acc Of Heechul

*Updated – It seems Heenim, JYJ JaeJoong & Yoochun & some unidentified Shinhwa member weren’t in one place together, but were near each other in one area>< But it seems Heenim and Jaejoong were the ones together.

Oh wait, Yoochun’s eating in some other shop that is near to where Jaechul & Shinhwa are at. Fan said Heechul seems fatter 😛 (Cr: 倩仔分开即是想念)

Jaejoong is changing venue to meet Hyunjoong now~ (Cr: Mjjyoon_)

When Jaejoong came out of the restaurant and saw the fans, he immediately said “aish” loudly. His expression screams “unhappy” because he saw the fans holding their handphones to take photos. Jaejoong and his friends were talking about the fans too.

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All translated by: @TVXQkokoro

(This was a few hours ago)

48 mins ago “Queen Heechul you suddenly appeared and gave me a fright ok ㅠㅠ” (1/2) pic.twitter.com/Cec5X2dxG6

“Guess this group of yours is going to be at it till the morning” (2/2) pic.twitter.com/eitdzOL3ky

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