[INFO] MnD in ‘My little Tei show’ on july 13th 2016

07/13 MBC FM4U(91.9MHz) Tei’s Dreaming Radio ‘My little Tei show’ 10PM KST #Heechul & #Jungmo as guest!

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[News] M&D 2nd mini-album on July 12th !!

M&D (Heechul x Jungmo) announces comeback with 2nd mini-album “Goody Bag” on July 12

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[INFO] HeeChul on Henry’s “Are you normal”

HeeChul to be a guest on Henry’s “Are you normal” next recording

13533137_643351852478903_6483224380749955069_n Credit: HenryLauFanpage


[News] Heechul to join a dating reality show

Cfw0mf4UYAAUk5S[News] Heechul will join a chinese dating reality show ‘Perhaps Love’ S3
Filming will start in April

[Info / News] Heechul To be MC for “ON AIR ACT SHOW”

CfPwya-UYAEbLYbHeechul will be special MC at V app ‘ON AIR ACT SHOW’ on 9th~10th 8PM!

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[Info / News] Heechul’s new Drama to be aired in May

Heechul’s web drama will be aired in May, 5 episodes, 25min each. Female lead Moon Gayoung 

Source: http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=213&aid=0000861039 
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[INFO] Heechul to appear on SBS drama ‘Youth Recipe’

Heechul in SBS web drama ‘Youth Recipe’ filming on 28/3, broadcast in mid June 

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Source: http://m.blog.naver.com/d-placej/220669311238 
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