[130726] Sungdong Cafe Final Ment Eng Sub

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[130726] Sungdong Cafe Transcript

Hee: Hello everyone july 26,2013 Kim heechul Dj broadcasting

Hee : Today is the last broadcast in SDC

Hee : Ahh today is sad mood

Hee : Tiffany is give me this bracelet, I just happily wear it

Fan asked the girl his ideal type and still is sohee sohee sohee

Fan : you should to find a girlfriend, it is better than a pillow Hee : I wanted to find ordinary ppl not actress

Hee : Actually originally thought ending June. but bcs I like Sungdong & many request to still broadcast so the last in July

Hee : Thnks to this flower

Hee : Thank you for all staf thank you once again .. this time sad bcs need only 1 month I returned to television ^^

Credit : @Heedictat0r

Fan: u wont re-dye your hair to black? I think blonde is pretty? H: there’s no more pretty blonde,i’ve dyed my hair to blonde too much

HC: Today my clothesis so tight, it makes my breathing become a little difficult.

HC: Ah! right!! Today is the last day, i should’ve brought my cat and Asuka!! I forgot TTTTTT

Fan: You didn’t throw away Asuka?…. / HC: No, our dorm aunt always washes it and then givs it back to me

HC: “After my discharge from the army, how about me filming WGM (We got married) with Asuka?”

Fan: Seems like today’s SDC topis is ‘Pervert’. / HC: This is the real me

Credit : @heechulnews

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